When you have a business with many competitors, it is important to create a website that ranks high on Google. It can seem like a daunting task with the vast number of possible keywords available. However, an SEO expert for roofers suggests using generic keywords for your page and then customize blog postings for the best results.

How Does Blogging Help Your Roofing Business?

Blog posts are your way to give readers more information on your services and provide fresh content to your website. Search engines look for webpages that offer new material for spiders to scan. Creating articles that answer questions the potential customer is looking for brings people to your site. Also, they are where you can use SEO for specialized keywords, such as different materials, maintenance, or repair issues.

How to Use Keywords

Once you have decided what words or phrases you will focus on for your post, you will need to know how to use them effectively. The following are a few key areas to place them:

  • Title
  • Headers (at least one header)
  • Body (naturally throughout the article without stuffing)
  • Meta description
  • Alt text on images
  • URL slug

Keep Images Relevant

Images capture a reader’s attention and assist their ability to visualize your text. However, be smart about using pictures because they will slow your load time. Worse is the fact that spiders cannot see your images unless you add text to them. Therefore, a couple of things you can do include optimizing pictures for speed and using alt text to describe the image. When you add alt text, it is not visible to a visitor. It is visible to search engines, and it is read out loud to those who are visually impaired. The second aspect is an important aspect of page rankings. You want a site that is accommodating of people with disabilities, plus you reach an audience that often feels invisible.

Monopolize Links

Links will direct viewers to similar information or products you are discussing. They are often seen in call-to-action sections. However, they should be placed throughout the post for optimization purposes. Let us say you are creating content about preparing your roof for spring. You will need an internal link asking viewers to contact you. However, it is also ideal to have an external link to reputable websites covering the typical weather in your targeted audience’s region. While internal links keep your readers on your website longer, the external links show search engines that you have researched the topic.

It is acceptable to repurpose old content by adding links from similar topics to your new posts. However, you want to make sure that outdated content is removed. SEO is complex and requires you to know the goals of your website. Many business owners find it best to hire a team to handle the content needs of the company. Your focus is reaching your clients to find out what they are looking for and then take that information back to your writing team to create a top-ranking website.