It’s always best to look at the glass half full, so when we get to spend more time at home, this is an opportunity to look into trying out something new. Whether you’ve ventured into the world of DIY before or not, it’s a wonderful idea and extremely rewarding when you’re able to build and create something from scratch with your own two hands. Acrylic in particular is a very interesting material to use. 

From afar, most people would not be able to tell the difference between acrylic and plastic. But when you get up close to acrylic, is a great middle-ground between plastic and glass, and it is also known as plexiglass, what’s more, it’s quite affordable, which is great when it comes to DIY projects. This is why we’re going to introduce you to a few innovative ways in which you can use acrylic for your next DIY project.

Picture Frame

Gone are the days of the standard picture frame, now you can use your creativity using all kinds of materials to create unique and outstanding picture frames. The reason why acrylic is a great option when it comes to creating the perfect frame is that it really gives an incredibly classy result. When it comes to creating your own acrylic picture frame, try to work with a big picture, because it really makes a statement that way. It looks elegant and when you hang it, you can design it in such a way that it looks like the image is floating on the wall. If you use two sheets and separate them a few inches, placing the picture on the front sheet, you will get the desired floating effect. 

Office Equipment

Whether you’re working from home or have an office, there are often certain items that you wish you had looked a certain way. The great thing about using acrylic to create your own office equipment is that you can make it the exact size you like, and it really does add a new age look to everything. It also goes with whatever decor you have in your office setting. As seen on, you can also have the acrylic cut into any shape you like. These services have specific machines and cutters that are able to cut the sheets into any shape you like to perfection. This means you can make your own penholders, file cases, or even have an acrylic board as a board where you write your notes instead of using a whiteboard. It’s a futuristic feel and it looks amazing too. 


Making a lamp or lantern using plexiglass is a ton of fun because you can integrate colors as well to play around with the shades that are given off once you install the bulb. It’s best to look up tutorials when it comes to creating lanterns and lamps so that you know how to properly put in the light. You can either make a side lamp or a shade for a ceiling lamp. It can be a ton of fun to use acrylic with LED lights as well because this way you can make it as complex or as simple as you like and line it with the LED lights to give off the desired effect. Another option is that you can even integrate text to give it another dimension altogether.

Art Work

You can use an acrylic plastic sheet like a canvas if you’d like to DIY some original art. You can experiment and see if you’d like to mix materials and mediums, and it really is a limitless option. Some people like to use frosted acrylic panels to give off a different effect than that of the plain panels as well. It is also a great canvas if you’d like to give spray painting a shot. 

Table Tops

If you have a table that has a broken top and you want to replace it, you can use acrylic as a replacement. It actually looks like glass and it quite durable, so it is a great DIY project that you can take on instead of getting rid of the frame of the table and opting to buy a new one. 


If you have a love for aquatic life and have always wanted an aquarium, why not create it yourself? You’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that many aquariums these days are actually made from acrylic and not glass as they always have been in the past. You need to make sure that you get the dimensions right, and work with a tutorial step by step because it is imperative that you build it correctly and ensure that it is completely sealed off so that the water doesn’t leak. 


If you want to add a modern and unique look to the interior of any room in your house, why not take on a DIY clock project? This is not too difficult and will look amazing once you’re done. You can get artistic with how the clock looks, and it’s not too difficult to get the rest of the parts working either. 

Board Game

It’s time to take yourself back to your childhood and fulfill the dream that you’ve always had of creating your own board game. Make sure that you plan out the whole idea and design, and get started on creating the board and all the extra pieces. This will be a ton of fun, and making it with acrylic means you can add a futuristic feel to it by adding lights and 3D items on the board itself as well. 

It’s incredibly amazing how much you can do with just a simple sheet of acrylic. There are so many creative ideas that you can come up with, and it’s a great way for you to pass the time at home and even bond with family and friends by getting them involved. Make sure that you have all the necessary tools, as well as any safety gear that is required to avoid risking any kind of damage or harm.