The land may be authorised to you, but what can and cannot be constructed on it is solely not your decision. Even if you are planning to build a house for yourself, the size and height and structure are pre-determined by the Council of the township. If it is not under the set parameters of the authorised framework, it will be considered illegal and can be brought down legally. The article below broadly discusses the benefits of getting your house plans Council Approved.  

Hassle-free Construction 

Every provincial area is governed by the municipality which has its own zoning laws. These laws govern the zones allotted to industrial, commercial or residential areas, with further laws determining the size, height and density in the area. All the structures are planned and constructed by acquiring approvals of designs from the initial phase of conceptualising itself.  Any kind of building or renovation work needs prior development consent from the Council. Needless to say, the process of planning and approval is lengthy, complex and may take years if not done properly. Many people choose professional guidance like council & building approval Sydney with CIVAC who are accustomed to the know-how of it. Further, it bestows a sense of reassurance to the owner and the builder if the house plans are approved in the initial stage. However, there are many other minor to major problems that owners get familiarised with only during the construction phase. 

Re-selling value

The lack of approval from the council reduces the reselling value of the property. Potential buyers will be disinterested to invest money in a property which is not according to the predetermined structure of the municipality.  Further, there can be issues while claiming the insurance or insurance can be denied if the structure is not as per the legal and approved framework. In the worst-case scenario, the structure can be demolished if it is not as per the guidelines, and the cost of demolition may have to be borne by the owner. Whereas any additional construction or renovation, if ensured under the guidelines, enhances the value of the property in the market and one can easily claim the insurance of the house without any trouble. 

Value of the Completion Certificate

If the building is constructed within the set framework and complies with the regulations and guidelines, the owner can avail a certification or any official letter as and when it is needed. The letter/ document works as proof of abiding by the set laws and helps the owner to meet the conditions of mortgage companies and attract prospective buyers. 

To Conclude

The pre-approval of plans from the council and meeting the pre-requisite standard is easier to do in the initial stages of conceptualising the development of the project.  The altercation in accordance with the Building Regulations vis-a-vis any modifications can be identified and asked by the council if it doesn’t fit into the Regulation and can be easily met in the beginning stages of the projects and with professional guidance, support and resources the projects can be completed timely.