Having a tree on your lawn can be beneficial for you. For one, a tree can provide shade for you. If it’s a fruit-bearing tree, you can also get the fruits it produces once they’re ripe. Another advantage you get from a properly trimmed tree is the aesthetics.

With a tree that’s just perfect for your home, you’ll have a lawn or yard that looks stunning. But, of course, why stop at just having a tree to make your place look good? You can do a lot of stuff to decorate your tree and make it even better! Here are some ideas on decorating your tree:

Build a Treehouse

Since 2016, treehouses have become a trend all over the world. Before building a treehouse, make sure that the tree isn’t too close to any structure(posts, roofs, house, etc.), strong enough to support the treehouse, tall enough, and firmly rooted in the ground. 

The treehouse would serve as a getaway from the hustle and bustle. With the right builders, a treehouse would be the perfect addition to your place. With that said, having a treehouse also allows you to decorate or add stuff inside it to make your stay even more comfier.

Tree Seats

If you’re on a budget and can’t go with a treehouse, don’t fret. You can try building tree seats around the trunk of your tree. Having a good amount of shade while sitting underneath your tree is an excellent way to relax.


Planters are also a great way to improve the aesthetics of your trees. Build a planter box around the tree and fill the space with soil. It’s best to use the soil that’s already in your area. With the soil in, it’s just a matter of choosing plants to place inside the planter.

If you prefer not having to fill the space in your planter box, you can build a wooden fence-like enclosure around the tree. Plant suitable flowers that’ll grow over your enclosure. These plants will grow around and bloom, making your tree look pretty.

Seats and Planters

With more materials, you can make your planters bigger, enough to make a seat for you. Not only will your tree look good, you’ll also have space to sit down. Additionally, choose flowering plants that’ll grow in your planter, even with shade around it. Once they bloom, you’ll have a highly instagrammable place in your yard.

Hanging Decor

If you have kids around, you can let them make artsy stuff to hang on your tree branches. You can hang their drawings, toys, creations, anything they want. If you don’t have any kids, you can make your own or buy decor from your local stores. Always remember to be safe when hanging anything on your trees.

Trimming Your Tree

Sometimes, you don’t need fancy planters or decorations to make your tree look better. If you’re somewhere near Richmond, it’s best to let professionals around your area help you trim your tree. The best tree service richmond has to offer is readily available for all your needs.

Aside from making your tree look good, trimming can be beneficial in a lot of ways. For one, trimming overhanging branches can prevent damage to your roof. It can also bring in more sunlight for your plants, should the shade become excessive.

Hanging Orb Lights

You can’t go wrong when you combine art with the right type of lighting. With that said, orb lights look good and provide a decent amount of light as well. You can easily buy pre-made orb lights from your stores. Just hang them up and plug your lights into a power source, and you can enjoy the ambience.

DIY Twine Orb Lights

Alternatively, you can also go the Do-It-Yourself route with orb lights. You can use twine, a marker, a medium to the large-sized inflatable ball, glue, water, and a bit of patience to create artsy, twine orb lights. You can often find these twine orb lights in fancy cafes and art galleries. 

First off, place the ball in a small bowl or cup. Using a marker, trace or draw around the cup to make a circle. This circle would serve as the entry point for your pendant light. Afterwards, mix in the water and glue in a container. Just use a small amount of water with the glue. A slow, runny consistency is what you’re after. 

If you have the mixture, coat the ball with it. Do the same with the twine. Carefully wrap the twine around the ball, avoiding the circle you just drew earlier. If you’re satisfied with it, leave it to dry for a day or two. If it’s all dried up, slowly deflate the ball inside to reduce its size. If it’s small enough, slowly pull out the ball from the twine orb.

Hanging String or Fairy Lights

Don’t like bigger, bulkier orb lights? Then you can try hanging either string or fairy lights. The only difference between the two is the size of their bulbs. String lights are a bit bigger and spread away farther. 

Fairy lights, on the other hand, are smaller and are placed more closely to each other. Since they’re small, fairy lights also shine less than their counterparts. If you want a magical feeling around your lawn, then these lights are the best choice. You can hang the wires from the tree to the house or any post for support.


Christmas decor can easily be bought at your stores. You can hang snowmen, candy canes, and other items associated with the celebration. If you have a pine tree, then that’s perfect for Christmas. Also, fairy lights can be incorporated into your Christmas designs. Spread the wires and lights around the tree branches for a more festive look. If you can, you might want to put a star on top of the tree to complete its look. 


For Halloween, you can hang glow-in-the-dark skulls and ghosts on your trees for a ghastly feel. You can also put carved-out pumpkin heads around your tree. For a more eerie effect, try placing small lights inside the pumpkins. 


On a more festive note, you can place colored easter eggs around your tree. You can also put these easter eggs on the tree by attaching them to a string and hanging them by the branches. For a friendlier environment, you can place cardboard cutouts of the easter bunny near your tree as well.

Wrapping Lights Around the Trunk

If you just want a bright atmosphere all year round, you can also go the unconventional way of using fairy lights. Instead of hanging them from the branches, you can wrap them around the trunk. Although the space they’ll cover is small, these lights will glow brighter because of their placement.

Swings and Hammocks

You can also place swings and hammocks near your tree. Not only will your tree look good, you’ll also have a good place for your children to play or for you to rest. For the swing, make sure the branch you’re tying the rope for the swing can handle enough weight. 

If you have two trees close to each other, then you can tie the rope around the trunks of each tree for your hammock. If you only have one tree, you can attach the other end to a hammock pole. Adjust the height accordingly so you’ll feel more comfy.

Choosing the Right Tree

Sometimes, some things just look good the way there are. One of these things is a tree. If a tree is healthy and isn’t providing you with any problems, then leave it as it is. If you’re living in Sunderland and need help with your trees, don’t fret. The best sunderland tree surgeon professionals are easily within reach. 

Depending on the season, a lot of trees can have colorful leaves and flowers. For example, Sakura trees or Cherry blossoms can have pink or purple flowers during spring in Japan. Sugar Maple trees in Canada and the US can have green leaves during spring and turn red or yellow during autumn.


The ideas mentioned above are just some of the few ways you can make your tree look better. If you want to decorate your tree, make sure you’re prepared and doing everything safely. It’s also better to avoid ways to harm your tree when you just want to make it look good.