To enjoy a good lifestyle, home appliances are necessary. The kitchen and home appliances make daily household jobs easy and pleasant. Appliances like a refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, toaster, ovens, kitchen chimneys, mixer, and blenders are crucial and vital for modern-day existence. The varieties of home appliances Singapore is endless, but the ones mentioned above are indispensable. These appliances are essential to cooking a delicious and nutritious meal. Everyone is running short of time; no one spends hours in the kitchen to cook a favorite cuisine. Modern kitchen and home appliances incorporated with the latest technology ensure you finish routine household chores quickly and efficiently.

Electric ovens

A gas oven generates heat inside its chamber, using natural gas through the gas burners. An electric oven produces heat as the current pass through a coil called heating elements. Culinary maestros prefer a gas oven as the flames are visible, and temperature can be priestly set. , but electric ovens are not too far away, offering numerous benefits. According to Energy guide, ovens are not very energy efficient cooking device. A substantial part of the heat dissipated in the oven is absorbed by the walls of the oven. Compared between gas and electric oven, the latter is more energy efficient. A gas oven converts only 6% of the energy into heat, but the electric one translates 12 to 13% of the consumed energy into heat.

Easy installation

Installing process of an electric oven is quite simple and less expensive than the gas counterpart. To propel the device, you do not need an external source of fuel like a gas oven. Plugging into existing electrical wire makes it operative, just like a refrigerator or washing machine. To operate a gas oven, you need a gas connection, a secure pipeline to transmit it. Electric ovens cook food at a uniform temperature, eliminating hot or cold spots. The inbuilt heating coil generates an even temperature in the oven. Models are incorporated with fans, which circulate the heat evenly. The heat produced by the electric oven is dry, which is not apt for baking cakes or other items, but suitable for dehydrating meats and drying foods.

A lot of efforts and resource is put in Research and Development to upgrade and improve electric oven`s technology. The chief focus is to improve energy efficiency, functionality, and automation. The top-notch electric ovens come with stainless steel casing design, thermal insulation, set in a security system, and detachable doors for easy sanitization.

Microwave oven

In the conventional cooking process, heat is transmitted to exterior food through convection. In a microwave oven, heat is infused into the interior of the food. Microwave oven use electromagnetic energy to cook the meal; the energy interacts with molecules of the food, heat is produced, and the meal is prepared. The inbuilt magnetron tube converts electric current to electromagnetic energy. Microwaves are more energy efficient as they convert 57% of consumed energy into heat. The nutrient value of food is preserved in microwave cooking; nutrients are stripped when the food is cooked over a long period with ample water. Protein quality of the food is also conserved during microwave heating.