If you like making videos on various topics and don’t know where to start, then this article will be useful for you! The best platform for a video blog is YouTube, so before you start, it is important to read the step-by-step instructions to succeed in your favorite pastime.

Let’s understand what a vlog is. Everything is very simple, a vlog is a place where you post videos on any topic based on your interests. Although the topics may be different, to attract as many audiences as possible, it is important to stick to a clear plan. Each business needs its structure, so we have prepared 6 basic steps for beginners to blog like a pro.

6 Easy Steps to Blogging for Beginners

Blogging is quite a fun and time-consuming activity, you can come up with any topic and purpose. For most professional vloggers, videos of this kind are a way to make money. But there are those people who like to film their lives, travels, and entertainment without any purpose. Let’s see what steps you should take to blog like a pro:

#1 Define Your Target Audience

First of all, it is important to understand who your videos are intended for. This is important to do not only to understand what content should be filled in your blog but also to help you figure out what people will be interested in. By understanding who your target audience is, you can easily find a suitable topic for a video and attract even more users.

#2 Work on Your Personal Brand

Remember. that in any type of blog it is important to have your brand, under whose name you will release videos. It is important to establish yourself as a professional to attract people and keep them on your blog. After this point, you can begin to develop the brand and advertising.

#3 Register Your YouTube Channel

If we are talking about the YouTube platform, this step will not take much time. The site allows you to create your channel in minutes, with only email and a couple of simple movements.

The next step is to set up your channel. Here it is important to make the channel unique and inimitable. It’s no secret that in today’s world there are a huge number of people who post videos on various topics, but you must do exactly what will distinguish you from the rest. To make changes, go to the settings section and change whatever you want.

#4 Choose High Quality Equipment

After your channel is configured, you need to decide on the equipment. You can shoot on your phone or camera, the main thing is that the video is of high quality and without interference. Also microphones and other complementary ones.

#5 Select Good Video Editing Software

Also important is the process of choosing an editor, in which you will mount and make changes to the video. A great option would be a video editor in which you can easily add effects to the frame, smooth transitions, and adjust the light.

#6 Drive Traffic to Your Published Videos from Other Sources

The last step is to publish and promote your videos. After you have published the video, it is important to advertise it and attract as many users as possible to watch it. For your video to be seen by more users, a great option would be to publish it on other social networks and lure a huge number of audiences.


Blogging like a professional is quite a serious and voluminous job that requires good preparation and a clear plan of action. To succeed and grow your blog, you just need to take a phone with a good camera and start recording videos! But in case you have a goal of becoming a professional blogger, carefully read the steps we have listed and you will succeed in your favorite business.