Some people occupy tiny rooms and feel like the room is not enough to accommodate all their property. They tend to blame the size of the room and forget that there are several techniques of arranging their rooms in an organized manner. Organized rooms are neat and can accommodate a variety of items. People need to be innovative as they make particular arrangements for keeping their rooms tidy. You can even purchase term paper that will help you understand how to deal with your room to have enough space to conduct your activities without disturbance. 

Place your mirrors strategically.

The method above is one of the oldest tricks that many people use and was used by our senior citizens. The technique was taught and passed on from one generation to another. Your mirrors shall reflect light, making people get convinced that the room has more space. The best way is to place mirrors opposite the windows that are present in the room. You may also need a shelf that holds various accessories, including sunglasses and keys.

Maximize on the wall space

The wall is spacious, and you can use it to hang various commodities. Many people fail to understand the concept of using the wall as storage for different items. You may use a pegboard and add hooks, cups, and shelves in an organized manner. 

You may hang small accessories.

Students who have many accessories can have an opportunity to use any available surface in their rooms. Understand how you can neatly organize your room. You may hang some accessories such as watches, bracelets, and earrings on the wall or top of your shell. Some people may hang their accessories in front of their mirrors to utilize the available space, on top of your door, the couch, and their bed.

Don’t forget to arrange your shoes.

Many students have a problem fitting the shoes that they have in their small closet because of the many pair of shoes that they possess. You need to remove your boots out of the way, hang them behind your door, under your bed, or on the couch. You may also purchase a shoe rack that will accommodate all of your shoes. 

Be creative with the cart.

A cart can accommodate a large amount of belonging into a small space. The advantage is that you can move the cart around the house. You can locate the cart near the fridge or in your bedroom. 

Store some items under the bed

Some people underestimate the space that is found under the bed. There is plenty of space that you can place some commodities such as shoes and various boxes. 

Purchase a side table that contains some storage

Many dorms do not have spaces that can accommodate extra furniture. You may improve on the room by buying a side table. The side table can be used for studies, storing some commodities, and eating.

Hide things from plain sight

A drawer is the best place to hide some of your commodities from the public.


The above strategies are the best to help you maximize your tiny dorm room.