Finding the perfect wedding gift can be difficult. You want it to be something you know the happy couple will enjoy. So, what do you get a couple that loves to entertain outside?

Picnic Basket

Picnic Basket

The idea might seem a bit simple at first but if they really are the outdoors type this will be the perfect gift. A picnic basket is perfect for going to the beach or spending the day at a park. It’s not even necessary to leave your home you can use it right on your patio in your own backyard. It contains all the essentials for a perfect outdoor gathering. Glasses, cutlery, plates, and even a blanket or table cloth.

Ice Bucket

When you host outdoors, the chances are good that it’s a warm day. A good host will make sure that there’s enough to drink and that drinks stay as cold as possible. Why not spoil the newlyweds with a nice ice bucket or cooler box so that they have something they can use to keep their drinks cold outside in the summer heat?

An ice bucket is convenient especially if the party is at a remote destination where there’s no other way to keep refreshments cool. It’s also handy for entertaining at home. It saves the host from having to dash in and out of the house to fetch cold refreshments from the fridge.

Set The Table

Set The Table

A host can never have enough table fixtures. Why not buy the happy couple a set of table cloths, napkins and napkin rings. You can even personalize it by choosing a neutral color and having their initials and wedding date embroidered on it. This gift is great because it’s personal but it’s also something practical that they can keep forever.

Bring Some Light

You know that when the company is good, people don’t want to leave. Gift the newlyweds with solar-powered lights for their outside entertainment area, this way the party can continue long after the sun has gone down. It might not be a conventional wedding gift but the happy couple should really appreciate it.

Another way to bring light to a party is candles. You might think that candles are too basic for a wedding gift but if you look in the right place you can find the perfect candles to light up the scene and add some ambiance to the party.

Blow Them Away

A garden party is not as festive if the garden is well taken care of. So, think of some garden tool that would keep their garden ready for hosting. A leaf blower would be a great gift if you choose to take this route. Check out if you’re uncertain.  It’s a quick and easy solution for cleaning up the yard when you’re in a hurry and allows you to focus on other details before your guests arrive.



Hosting a party can be an exhausting task even for the most skilled party planners. So, it might be a good idea to gift them with a one-night private chef experience at their home. So, they can entertain their guests without needing to run in and out of the house preparing food and making sure that guests are happy. It’s a unique idea and you might just walk away with the award for best wedding gift ever.

Gift Card

If you simply cannot think of something that the bride and groom would like, then there’s always the old reliable gift voucher to their favorite store. This is not the most imaginative gift but I’m sure they will appreciate this more than receiving a fourth toaster. If you don’t know what their favorite store is, just put the money in a nice envelope along with a card congratulating them on their union.

Everybody says it’s not about the gift it’s the thought that counts but we all know how much effort gets put into a wedding so you want to get the best gift possible to say thank you for being invited to this wonderful occasion. If you look at these suggestions you can be sure to find the perfect gift to do just that.