Most people do not think much about the doors that allow them access to the underground or basement parking. The parking spots are either below the office building or the residential complex.

But if you are the one responsible for designing or taking care of such a process, what will you do?

Sitting on the decision maker’s chair means picking the right door that will allow the users access to their car parking spots. The ease of usage, safety, and aesthetics are all crucial aspects of the selection process. 

There are certain tertiary factors that you need to consider well. For example, you might need to weather seal the garage doors if your neighborhood is prone to flooding or other adverse weather conditions. 

If you are buying a new house, you should consider checking the National weather radar data to understand the climatic conditions and patterns. It can help you decide whether you need to weather seal your garage door or not. 

These are some other aspects that you must consider while choosing an ideal garage door. 

The Influencing Factors

There are deliberation factors for opting for the garage doors of the proposed car storage area. The place of application will of course top the list to derive at the right door. The type of garage door that will fit the user intent is also a key criterion.

The desired result will help decide on shortlisting the apt garage door. It can be for the underground Carpark or basement entry. 


The volume of traffic needs to be among the consideration factors for taking a call on the security aspect of the garage doors. Remote or touchless access systems are one of the most opted technology-driven security systems. These systems are high on ease of usage and convenience. 

Ideally, you will want to put a security system that allows efficient and smooth traffic movement. The users of the proposed car storage area should be able to move without a lot of trouble. An assurance of the round-the-clock safety of the vehicles in the parking area is of paramount importance.


The owners of the vehicle may want to access them in the car storage area at any point. It can be during the day or middle of the night. Remote activation devices can ensure that the users can enjoy such a facility.

With the help of remote activation devices, the sectional doors can allow a continual flow of traffic. The doors can quickly close after the cars retreat. It ensures the safety and security of the driver as well as a steady traffic flow. 


It often happens that the noise of the shutter gates disturbs the sanity of any place. The irritation of residents of a building or the inhabitants of an office block exhibits every time there is a traffic flow.

Also, it is annoying to wake up in the middle of the night by the sound of the garage door opening or closing to allow someone. It has led to the rise in the number of people opting for solutions that are quiet or make the least noise.

The Compact Sectional Doors are prevalent for this job. They are quiet and low maintenance. The absence of balancing springs and the packing of the panels in a small unit above the doorway make them the least noisy. 


There are a few who rate the aesthetics above all the other factors. With the rising demand for garage doors, innovation is helping with a range of designs for the users to select. 

Before you commence such a project, be sure to review the details of the designs with the users. It will allow you to select a design or type of material that will provide the security that the car storage area needs with the aesthetics. 

Material variations can allow you to have colored, ventilation, or insulation glass or panels. These can have tweaks and alterations based on the need of the user.

The Materials

A mesh-style garage door can help with free airflow through your proposed underground car storage area. The adjustment of the ventilation levels is available as per the need.

The bar panel garage doors can help with more ventilation than mesh-style doors with their rods through a door frame design. Another type of design that allows ventilation is Louvre mesh sectional doors. But they are not see-through.

Commercial roller shutters for garages provide maximum security. These have an integrated bottom rail with interlocking aluminum sheets and come in both perforation or no-perforation options.

The sectional or folding garage doors provide the best of all the offerings. They have mesh panels, insulation panels, and full block-out options. They are secure and are high on ease of usage.

All these considerations can help you make the call on the ideal garage door for your underground or basement car storage area. Even after the apt material selection and giving due credit to the above factors, the vendor doing the job plays a pivotal role. So choose wisely!