Creating Stylish, Comfortable Interiors for Your Home This Winter

In a large-scale analysis of how life will change after the global health crisis, research firm McKinsey predicts that remote work will continue in the long term, albeit less intensely. Over the past year-and-a-half, people have spent considerably more time at home owing to health and safety reasons—a fact that has led many to prioritize home comfort and design considerably more. Not only will home dwellers be investing in major renovations, but they will also take greater care to match their interiors with the demands of the changing seasons. As fall ends and winter brings chillier weather to most shores, the following design tips will help ensure your home is warm, cosy, and über chic.

Embracing Color

Neutral hues continue to hold sway in design glossies but finally, primary colors are back, imbuing homes with a more upbeat ambience. Pantone’s latest New York Fashion Week Color Palette deems Mykonos Blue (a deep-sea blue), Illuminating (a bright yellow), Leprechaun (a bright green), and Fuchsia Fedora (bold pink) to be the season’s top hues. Designers are contrasting bright shades like Illuminating with shades like cool gray, utilizing brighter shades for statement or contrast walls or even decorative items that can be changed once new palettes are announced. If you wish to keep things neutral at your home but want to try this trend, use pops of color on items such as lampshades, cushions, or sofa throws.

Utilizing Winter Textures

The word ‘winter’ conjures up images of fur, plush fabrics, and soft pouffes and pillows—softer, more inviting textures that celebrate the joy of chilling out on the sofa, roasting marshmallows atop a fire pit, or enjoying a great read in your favorite nook in the living room. Fabrics such as faux fur, flannel, tartan, and fleece make perfect additions to your living room or bedroom. For a cosy winter bedroom, choose Merino wool blankets, ergonomic neck pillows, thicker bed sheets, and a bevy of pillows and throws in all sizes and colors. Layer different textures and patterns, bearing in mind that maximalism (combining contrasting prints like stripes and checks) is one of the hottest trends of the year.

Adding Pops of Warmth

Color isn’t the only thing that adds warmth to a home; so, too, does light, and shorter days of sunlight mean that you can make the most of designer lighting features. Consider dimmers and LED lighting that changes hue according to your mood. Light up different spaces with chosen colors (think pink, blue, and yellow) to create a unique ambience that is a joy to contemplate when the sun sets. Read or work beneath your favorite designer desk light. Consider adding at least one designer lighting feature to each space (your living room, bedrooms, staircases, and the like). A standing and overarching floor lamp, a candelabra, or delicate Italian-style pendant lamps can be a focal point of your design plan in any space.
Winter is a wonderful time to make your home more appealing than ever. During this season, you are more likely to spend more time at home, which is why paying attention to aspects like color and lighting are key. Another key element of wintery design is texture; make sure that your home is filled with soft, plush, warm fabrics that inspire rest and relaxation.