Mattresses are a big investment and a good one usually comes with a big price tag. A mattress will last a few years, but a mattress protector will ensure you get your money’s worth. Or perhaps your mattress is a lumpy and bumpy uncomfortable thing to lie on? Well, a mattress protector is going to transform your sleeping experience.

They can range from a slither to a thick, bouncy and comfortable mini mattress. Not only can they dramatically improve a night’s sleep, they can also help to reduce aches and pains. Organic mattress protectors are more popular than ever, using natural materials for comfort and environmental benefits.

Most organic mattress protectors are made of organic cotton, which is soft, absorbent, and breathable.

But, there are some things to consider when buying an organic mattress cover. The size of it is important. If it doesn’t fit correctly it won’t function correctly. And some mattresses might have a built-in quilted top, so you might only need a thin one for protection rather than a thicker version for comfort.

Mattresses that are relatively new might only need a thin protector as they are still firm and in good condition.

What is it made of?

  • Cotton mattress protectors are more expensive than synthetic ones
  • Cotton mattress protectors can shrink after the first wash and create a tight fit
  • Wool is an option to consider. It is growing in popularity. Wool mattress protectors are biodegradable. They keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. And they are naturally flame retardant.
  • Some contain organic latex, which does not contain any chemicals or synthetics, and the latex was taken from trees that were not grown with pesticides and herbicides
  • You will have heard of goose down duvets, but you can also get goose down mattress protectors.

Different types of protectors

There are three different types of mattress protectors to choose from:

  • Fitted versions, which cover the whole of the mattress
  • Ones with elastic straps that are the most basic versions and do not cover the whole of the mattress surface
  • And there are encased versions that cover the whole of the mattress and zip up, but these are not very common
  • There are memory foam versions too. So if you can’t quite pull the funds together for a memory foam mattress, the protector is the next best thing. One thing to bear in mind with memory foam is that the higher the density of the memory foam, the warmer it will be to sleep on it
  • Mattress protectors infused with gel are also available and might be slightly cooler than a memory foam version.

Different features

  • Quilted versions add a level of comfort on top of the mattress and can be as deep as 7.5cm.
  • Waterproof mattress protectors can stop any spillages from damaging the mattress, but they are often noisy when you move around on them and can be hot to sleep on.
  • Some have a non-solvent, biodegradable moisture barrier
  • There are hypoallergenic and anti-allergy mattress protectors. The hypo-allergenic version is designed to reduce the chance of an allergic reaction and the anti-allergy version is actually specially treated to prevent a reaction.

Choosing the right mattress protector for you

It is important to find an organic mattress protector that suits your own person needs.

  • Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing one.
  • If you are prone to hot sweats at night or you get very hot at night during the summer months, then you need to consider a mattress protector that is made of a material with cooling properties.
  • If you are conscious of the environment, then you need to look out for sustainable options. Wool or organic cotton at the two materials to consider.
  • The size of your mattress will also depend on the type of protector you can use. If you are looking for a skirted protector, one that covers the whole of the mattress, then you need to make sure that it will fit your mattress. Full covering protectors sometimes won’t fit deep mattresses.
  • Consider getting a mattress cover with a guarantee just to be on the safe side
  • Mattress protectors need to be washed regularly, so it is important to get a machine washable version. Cotton will shrink after the first wash, so make sure it is big enough to allow for this.
  • Bamboo mattress protectors are an interesting choice. They are extremely water resistant and hypoallergenic.
  • If you regularly tumble dry, check that your mattress protector can be used in the tumble dryer.
  • Mattress protectors are a great way to rejuvenate an old mattress. A thick mattress version could transform your mattress and your sleep.