With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking of ways to decorate! Decorating the house is always easy. You hang the lights, put up the tree, and set out all your favorite holiday knick-knacks and decor inside and outside the house.

How will you decorate your truck for the holidays, though? Whether you have a pick-up truck or drive a semi-truck for work, you need a few holiday truck design ideas along with BF Goodrich to get you started.

There’s no better way to get into the holiday spirit than bringing the holiday spirit with you everywhere you go.

For some of the best Christmas truck design ideas, continue reading below. Here’s everything you need to know about creating a holiday truck design everyone will love!

1. Reindeer Truck

Do you drive a semi-truck that delivers packages all around the country? If so, then you probably feel a bit like Santa at times. If you’re Saint Nick, then what does that make your truck?

A reindeer of course! Why not completely transform your semi into a reindeer? You can do this with pick-up trucks as well. There are clip-on reindeer ears that you can buy for your truck.

You’ll clip these on the top of your truck and complete the look by placing a large red nose on the grill! This is a simple, inexpensive, yet great holiday truck design.

2. Parade String Lights

Have you seen trucks with cans or strings with other items hanging from the hitch? If you’re going to be driving in a parade with your truck, then you should consider hanging a parade of string lights from the hitch! Keep in mind, this holiday truck design idea should only be done when attending certain events like a car show or a parade.

You won’t want to keep the lights hanging from the truck at all times. You should also make sure the weather will be dry that day to avoid damage to the lights. If you can string weather-resistant outdoor lights, then this is the better option.

You can use an adapter that plugs into your truck’s built-in charger that’ll allow you to plug the lights into it and be powered by your truck.

3. Wreath, Lights, and a Tree

To take things up just a notch, you can wrap your truck around in the lights rather than hang them. Then, place a tree in the bed of the truck and a wreath on each side of the truck. Make sure to contact your local authorities or a truck accident attorney to ensure they allow lights wrapped around vehicles and won’t cause any accidents or distractions.

You can decide to place lights on the wreaths and the tree or leave them plain. They’ll look great either way. For this design, it’s best to use a fake wreath and tree, because they’ll be lighter and easier to set up.

4. Holiday Window Decals

Do you hang up cute holiday window decals in your house? The kids love getting to slap them on the windows of the entire home. Consider buying a few extra packs this year.

Instead of placing them on your house’s windows, you can place them on your truck’s windows. You can do this on your pick-up truck and your semi-truck as well. As long as they don’t construct your view in any way, you’re good to go!

It’s a quick, simple, and inexpensive way to decor your truck for the holidays.

5. A Holiday Scene on the Dashboard

Many truck owners love to place different items on the dashboard, especially if the dashboard is big enough to display a few different knick-knacks. Don’t hesitate to use the dashboard for your holiday decorations either. If you’d rather not take your dancing hula girl out of her spot, then place a Santa hat on her and go from there.

You can create a nativity scene, a fun holiday scene, and anything else you can think of that’ll stay put on the dashboard and get you into the holiday spirit. You can even consider laying down a piece of fake snow, just cut holes in it where the vents are.

If you need help making everything stick, then purchase a few velcro stickers or command strips.

6. A Bow Wrapped Truck

Another great way to show your holiday spirit without having to put in much effort is to wrap your entire truck with a gigantic ribbon and bow! You can find vehicle-sized ribbons with bows online.

If you want to create this design and turn your truck into one big present, then remember it’s best to do this with a truck that’ll be parked in one spot for an extended period of time. This holiday design idea doesn’t work too well on moving vehicles.

7. Presents, Snow, and a Tree

If your truck has a bed, then you’ve got plenty of space to work with to get creative. In the bed of the truck, wrap empty boxes in wrapping paper of all different designs and place the boxes under a plastic Christmas tree. You can also lay down some fake snow under the tree first and put the wrapped boxes on top.

Feel free to place other favorite holiday decorations in the bed of the truck as well. Remember to remove the decorations if rain or snow is in the forecast.

8. Display a Holiday-Themed Banner

For semi-trucks, there are holiday banners you can hang from the sides of your truck. Place one large holiday banner on either side of the truck. Choose from all different sorts of holiday designs.

Each time you head down the road, everyone passing you by will see holiday cheer rather than a simple semi.

Which Holiday Truck Design Trick Will You Try?

With so many different holiday truck design ideas to choose from, which ones will you take a go at? Be sure to use the help of this guide and feel free to mix and match these ideas and incorporate your own as well!

You can even consider switching out the designs each week.

For more DIY crafts and design ideas, be sure to visit on a regular basis.