Landlords who invest in off-plan projects in the United Arab Emirates(UAE) have many communities in Dubai from which to choose. Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) has seaside living, while EMAAR Beachfront has beachside living. The most important part of leasing off-plan flats in Dubai is to convince tenants that they want to live in your property.

You can convince tenants to rent your apartment using many techniques, but it all comes down to selling tenants on the flat and the community. Amenities, apartment features, apartment tower features, and local attractions are the four main things to emphasize when trying to convince tenants to live in your apartment.

Here is a guide to the off-plan projects in Dubai at Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT).

Apartment tower features

Wind 1 and Seven City JLT have different apartment tower features. Wind 1 is 38 stories high and has duplexes and penthouses. There are high-speed elevators, conference centers, a gym, and a relaxing sauna. Finally, residents have exclusive access to rooftop swimming pools and gardens. Arrange A showing with a realtor to get some more information on Wind 1. 

Seven City JLT has more tower features than Wind 1. First, there are ten rooftop gardens atop the tower. There is underground parking, and the apartment tower is pet-friendly. There is a shopping mall on the lobby level. Finally, residents have exclusive access to four swimming pools.

Apartment Features

Realtors who sell off-plan apartments in Wind 1 place little emphasis on apartment features, but we do know that residents of Wind 1 have access to a modern security system. Contact realtors for more information on Wind 1 apartment features. 

Meanwhile, realtors mention more apartment features for the off-plan apartments at Seven City JLT. First, off-plan apartments at Seven City JLT have marble floors and floor-to-ceiling windows. These two features show that wealthy tenants will move into the flats of Seven City JLT. Apartments come with built-in wardrobes and large balconies, and there will be storage rooms in non-studio apartments. Residents can use central air. The kitchen comes equipped with white goods. Finally, residents can get a good view of the golf course and the sea from their apartments.


Realtors at Wind 1 do not emphasize amenities and do not mention them at all in their property listings. You must contact realtors to learn more information about the amenities at Wind 1. 

Meanwhile, off-plan apartments in Seven City JLT come with luxury furniture and appliances. Residents can cook in the barbecue pits. Finally, residents at Seven City JLT will have exclusive, separate access to a five-star hotel.

Local Attractions

Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) has attractions that appeal to many types of tenants. For example, those with families can send their children to the daycare centers or watch them play on the playgrounds. Adults can enjoy a meal at the waterfront cafes and restaurants, shop at the convenience stores, or use the cycling tracks to commute. Athletes will enjoy the basketball and squash courts and the golf courses. Those who like to spoil themselves can get a treatment at the spa, enjoy a stay at a five-star hotel, or join the beach clubs in the community. Residents can enjoy a low-key meeting with their friends at the clubhouse. Residents can drive to the luxurious Burj Al Arab hotel, which is said to the only resort in the world with seven stars. There is public parking for those who commute, while those without cars can take public transportation. Finally, residents can attend a service at the local mosque.


Tower features, apartment features, amenities, and local attractions are good things to bring up when trying to convince a tenant to rent your off-plan apartment in Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT). Remember that just because realtors do not mention many tower features, apartment features, or amenities in Wind 1 does not mean that there are no ways to attract your tenants to rent your off-plan apartments. We highly recommend that you view the tower and the apartments before investing.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of attractions to keep residents entertained at Seven City JLT. It has a balanced mix of tower features, apartment features, and amenities. Seven City JLT will attract those who want an air of exclusivity.

Finally, the JLT community has attractions that will appeal to athletes, adults, families, and their friends. The local attractions are probably the most crucial feature when convincing tenants to rent your apartments.

Don’t delay; purchase off-plan projects in JLT today!