Have you ever stumbled across a complication where you’re unable to play video on the device because it doesn’t support its file format? Similar to cases where there are file types that are playable on macOS but won’t open in Windows or vice versa. When it comes to saving videos in different formats, you definitely need the greatest video converters for the task.

There are various video converter tools in the market; however, there can be only a few conversion tools that are better suited for your needs. And what better way to know which one is perfect for you than showing you the top 6 video converter online for all of your needs in video conversion.

Any Video Converter

Based on the name of the converter itself, you could only expect great things from this tool as Any Video Converter can convert or change the format of any video file of your choosing. To a degree, the program lived up to its expectations when it comes to its functionality and quality.

Furthermore, Any Video Converter also has additional capabilities that other converters tools don’t seem to have. The program has extra features such as the capability of converting Facebook video to be downloadable, various profiles for different devices, and even the function of pulling out only the audio from DVDs or CDs.


If your only purpose for the online video converter tool is to make Youtube videos downloadable, then head on to Converto.io. The online converter tool is a decent program that can convert any Youtube video to an MP4 or MP3 format. Fair warning, though, converting Youtube videos to make them downloadable to a device is considered very illegal.

Anyhow, while it seems to be a bit disappointing knowing that the program only supports two file formats as an output. This online converter tool has merit as it’s more than capable of converting online videos in high definition or high-quality outputs. Due to that, users won’t have to worry about losing the video’s quality during the conversion process.

Free Video Converter

If you have multiple video files that need to be converted simultaneously, then the Free Video Converter is the perfect online tool for you. It’s the perfect place to go if you’re in need of converting multiple video files at once, as you don’t have to waste any time converting them one at a time. Not to mention that it’s also the best online converter tool for beginners.

The process is quite basic. Follow these simple steps, and you’ll be converting videos in bulk. First, you need to open the program by going to the site. Then, pick all the files that you need to convert, and all you need to do is wait before it’s available for download. However, the program is limited only to DVD, AVI, iOS, and MPEG formats, as it can also convert MP3.


If you keep asking yourself the best online video converter for Windows, Mac, or Linux, then look no further than an application called HandBrake. It’s a fact that it’s quite complicated when it comes to working with different Operating Systems because it would be difficult to keep track of all the files and on what the online converter tool is compatible with.

Let us put your mind at ease as the best video converter tool for all three platforms is the HandBrake. It may not sound like it, but this program has most of the standard video converter features, and it can run on all three major Operating Systems.

This program is quite popular amongst Mac users. However, HandBrake is a convenient and easy-to-use video converter tool that has multi-platform compatibility. The program also has numerous features such as the capability to crop, adjust the framerate, or even adding complicated filters to the videos. It’s also capable of having presets for quick access.

Online Video Converter

OVC or Online Video Converter is a quick and easy online converter tool that can modify video file formats in a hurry. Why? Because there are times when all that people want is to quickly modify a video file without further complicating the process with unnecessary bells and whistles. Not to mention that this program is completely free to use.

To add to a user’s convenience, the program can be used with a few basic steps. All you have to do is upload the video file or paste the video’s URL in the space provided. After that, you only need to click start, wait for the process to finish, and automatically download your newly modified video file to your device.


This last video converter tool is not free; however, it’s all worth it as you’ll be getting the most out of its premium features. Although it’s not the cheapest option out there, it’s probably one of the best options for a premium video converter tool. Not only that, this program is a video converter, but it’s also a disc burner, downloader, or screen recorder.

Furthermore, the program is user-friendly as it’s terrific for experts or beginners. If you’re not convinced of buying Wondershare’s features and capabilities, you are more than welcome to try out the product’s trial version. Of course, the program limits its capabilities in the trial version, such as slow speed conversions and more. It only costs about 40 dollars for a full year.


There are numerous video converter programs on the internet right now. There are others that are completely free to use; some require you to give an additional fee for every additional minute exceeded of its limits. However, whether you’re modifying video files professionally or casually, there’s bound to be a suitable video converter for you out there.

If you’re having a difficult time when it comes to converting your necessary video files into another format, a good and trustworthy converter will help put your mind at ease. Although there are free online tools that are only good for cases that need basic conversion, the paid premium software is for more professional use, if you take that into consideration.