Nothing says cool and effortless as well as low maintenance as an industrial-style living room. In this post, we are going to showcase 35 Rustic leather living room furniture design ideas check out, and get inspired. Industrial style as its name suggests gets its inspirations from warehouses and urban lofts. If you want to get that industrial style look, you have to remember these important elements.

  • It should have a neutral color scheme and earth tones.
  • The design should involve the use of warm, natural wood and cool, sleek metal.
  • Furniture should have clean lines and should only be metal, leather, or wood.

Most industrial spaces feature a neutral palette, letting bold architectural features and energetic textures take the room. Dark grey, brown, black are must-haves. For a pop of color, incorporate it with the decors like coffee table and a wall art piece. However, when it comes to large elements like a sofa, it’s all about natural wood finishes or neutral upholstery. Metal furniture and decor are the focal points in industrial spaces.

The material of choice is metal but to make it more rustic, choose furniture with a wooden top and a metal base. And that’s it! The place just got industrialized.